Tom got cranky with the fly. 


The Superman

This story was previously published as part of Flash-Fiction Day 2013. See

It began as an experiment. I was trying to write something about a cityscape, which led me to this image of a man straining his neck to stare up at a skyscraper covered in glass and steel. Then he went upstairs…

The Superman

Glass and steel rise before me. A monolith in the modern style. But I am no Superman. I cannot leap its endless heights.

I climb each of its Art Deco steps. One by one. Step by step.

My heart is pounding. I might have an attack before the end. But I keep going. Mustn’t stop till I make it to the top.

The roof is quiet. The city is sleeping. The neon lights fade as the sun rises over the steel horizon.

Then I fly.