Philosophy and The Internet

Philosophy and the Internet

What’s wrong with the world?
The Internet and Social Media has to be the greatest revolution in human thought in the last one-hundred years, maybe more. It allows people to connect with each other globally in a way that was never possible before. It affords us the power to learn and debate.
But what has it become? The Internet has descended into a home for banal nonsense. It has reduced thought to a soundbite, a quote, a video of a dog doing something cute. (We’ve all shared these.) KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON but don’t think, it says. Whatever you do DON’T THINK.
Surely it could be used for more than this? (Or maybe it is and I’m visiting the wrong sites? Advice welcome.)
The Internet and Social Media could be the most useful tool for Philosophical debate ever invented. Imagine what someone like Socrates would have made of the Internet? Of Facebook? Imagine the number of people he could have questioned? False beliefs he could destroy? Where is our modern Socrates?
The Internet allows connections for open debate that we could only have dreamed of in the past. So why are we spending so much time on cute animals? Is it expecting too much to ask that intelligent adults might discuss ideas rather than just share things they like?


This flashfiction was written today. It is about opinions and how some people like to push theirs down your throat, but they can never listen to anyone else’s. They can only shout you down. That isn’t debate, it’s dictation. But what bothers them most is not to care what they say.


A human, see the spit sit frothy on the purple lips, bursting-full with outdated opinions shouts me down into the dry well.
But I am no longer there.
I have been busy digging west and come out into the new blue light years away.
Lonely, free and deaf.