…and another thing about Beckett


Another thing about Beckett’s work that marks it as different from modern stories is its circularity. Maybe I have missed something but the characters in the stories I am currently reading do not change, or have a moment of insight, or transform in any obvious way. They are thrown into the world, wander about then shuffle off to die. Just like life.
Perhaps the change occurs in the reader?

Samuel Beckett


I’m currently reading some Samuel Beckett stories. Haven’t read him since college. He offers a unique voice and style, and a unique way of seeing the world. He rightly deserves praise for this. But they are not stories in any conventional sense, they don’t seek to entertain the reader, they make him think.
I can’t help but wonder, if Beckett wasn’t ‘Beckett’ and he was seeking publication in 2014 would his work be published? Does modern publishing allow space for such unique visions?