American God

In life Marco was gifted with a fleshy pride. No matter now fat he got he didn’t mind. Every day he admired himself at his full length wardrobe mirror. His paunchy belly, his man-breasts, the folds of flesh that gathered at his hips all filled him with a peculiar pride.

He always left the blinds open so that neighbours might see and enjoy his flabby creation. Every Big Mac, ice-cream and Coke, added layers to his embodied work of art. He was the Jackson Pollock of bodies.

‘I am the image of an American god’ he declared one Saturday morning but no-one heard.

Marco was gifted with his fleshy pride. He lived happy and well until he died.

His parents sent away the taxidermist Marco had requested.

The art-world mourned their lack of vision: the philistines.



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