Princess Leia in the fire

It was dark. He had been out to the only and one birthday party he was ever invited to at school. He was eight and so was his friend. He forgets his name now. He still sees him walking around town from time to time. He looks unhappy too.

Anyway, the boy had been out at the party. He remembers it was fun. He can see Spiderman there too. Maybe a cake? Or a costume? He’s not sure now so many years later but he recalls the party was great. He really enjoyed it. When his father collected him he was buzzing. He even got a present for attending from his friend’s mother. She was kind like that. He got a present of a Star Wars toy. The boy was a huge fan. He got a Princess Leia. It was her in her white Empire Strikes Back outfit. It was his favourite one. Carrie Fisher was his first crush.

Father collected him but he can’t recall his face or what car he drove. But he came and collected the boy early. He didn’t want to leave but his father made him. He used his stern face. When he got home the boy was in a hyper mood and happy and full of joy. But the house was quiet. That was a bad sign. His sister was in bed.
He saw the fire roaring in the hearth. Mother was sitting by the fire staring into it. He must have been too excited to notice mother’s mood but she was in one. He hopped around telling the story of the fun he’d had.

‘It was deadly, Mam. There was cake and sweets and Coke and he has all the Star Wars toys. He even has the Millennium Falcon. And I got a toy too and it wasn’t even my birthday. It’s Princess Leia’
The boy was jumping around so much he didn’t notice the drink on the floor beside her and knocked it over.
She shouted at him.
‘Look what you did! If you don’t stop I’m throwing that stupid toy in the fire. You’re going to wake your sister.’ Mother said.

The boy tried to be quiet but the excitement needed to get out. He started taking out his toys from their box.
‘And he has a VHS player and we watched Star Wars. Twice. It was deadly.’
His noise woke his sister. Her cries echoed down the hall.
‘Look what you did! His mother said as she grabbed Princess Leia from him and threw it in the fire.

He was dumbstruck and started to cry.
‘Up to bed with you or I’ll give you something to cry about.’
But the boy couldn’t leave. He couldn’t believe she’d done it. He didn’t care what she said now. All he could do was stand and sob and watch Princess Leia’s plastic face melt into a gooey mess.


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