Haiku from Suburbia

Press ReleaseHaiku from Suburbia
Haiku from Suburbia

by Ulysses O’Brien

Praise for previous work:

‘[…] some writers would have to write a trilogy to say what this writer says in a few pages. […] thanks for the experience.’ Diann Dunkley

‘A full moon mood shines
Blue-black over our garden
Of suburban bliss.’

Pub. Date: 8 June 2015. $3.10

About the book:

Haiku poems traditionally focus on nature and the seasons, but in this modern collection the poet seeks to capture evocations of Suburbia.

Combining elegance, wit and honesty these haiku and senryu explore an often overlooked, ridiculed but beautiful aspect of our modern lives: Suburbia.

Suburbia is where millions of us live now, it is at the core of our 21st century lives and there is beauty and truth there if you are willing to see it.

Haiku from Suburbia is available to buy now on Kindle here.

About the Author:
Ulysses O’Brien is an Irish author and teacher. Haiku from Suburbia is his first collection of poetry. He also writes flash-fiction, short stories and his novella, The Trouble with Sam, will be published in 2015. He has been published previously in Spontaneity, What Champagne was Like, and the Flash-flood Journal.

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