Fallout: Short Stories

As part of ongoing experiments in publishing I recently updated the cover for my first story collection, Fallout.


About the book: A boy who tries to derail a train. A superman who cannot fly. A husband attacked by a vacuum cleaner. A childish game cut short by nuclear disaster…

In this short story collection the author, J.O’Brien, (that’s me) experiments with memories and dreams that radiate out of the unconscious—childhood, family, faith, death, love. Small moments contaminated with the universal.

What a real reader said:
‘some writers would have to write a trilogy to say what this writer says in a few pages. […] thanks for the experience.’ Diann Dunkley

“The train line ran next to our estate. We lived in number sixty-four. I would listen to the trains rumble by at night while I sat up reading my favourite books over and over again. But once I’d fallen asleep they never woke me up.”

Fallout is available to buy in paperback and on Kindle.

About the Author:
J. O’Brien is a Irish author and teacher. Fallout is his first collection of short stories. He writes flash-fiction, short stories and his novella, The Trouble with Sam, will be published in 2014. He has been published previously in Spontaneity, What Champagne was Like, and the Flash-flood Journal.


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