Coming Soon: The Trouble with Sam by J.O’Brien


The house is quiet now as I stand in the hallway. My mind is in a state
of confusion. What if he’s dead? What if I’ve killed my teacher? It’s all my
fault. I look up the stairs to where Murphy is lying still on the landing. He
does not move.

I am currently in the last (difficult) stages of editing my first novella which I intend to publish in the coming months via Createspace. More anon.

Two years in the making, it is a YA novella called, ‘The Trouble with Sam.’

What’s it about I hear you ask?

The Trouble with Sam tells the story of a student and teacher whose lives intersect during a school term.

Sam Crowe is a quiet but troubled teen living in a small town in Ireland. He struggles to find his place in
the world. He hates himself. He hates school. He hates everything.

Mr. Murphy is troubled. A once idealistic teacher, he is struggling to keep going after a bad choice that
resulted in a former pupil committing suicide.

Their worlds collide with life-changing consequences.

The Trouble with Sam explores masculinity, bullying, suicide and crime in contemporary Ireland and is coming soon.


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