Choices and their Fallout


Fallout is the title story of my collection currently available on Kindle. I chose that title for the collection as it felt right for stories about consequences, about the fall-out from the choices we make in life, be they big or small.

The story ‘Fallout’ is about two boys, Jack and Froggy, playing in fields near their council housing estate in 1980’s Ireland. They fight and fall out over childish things, as boys often do, but their games are cut short by Jack’s mother calling them in due to some dimly understood threat from the east.

The story is based on my own memories of hearing the news about the Chernobyl disaster when I was a boy.

This story has been in my thoughts recently for two reasons. Sadly, the boy who was Froggy died in tragic circumstances earlier this year.  And also because the news from the east has begun to feel threatening again.

Hopefully the boys in power, East and West, will make the right choices before there are consequences that are impossible to repair.

The Chernobyl disaster took place in Ukraine on 26 April 1986.

Download and print a free copy of the story here: Fallout J.O’Brien Carlow (1)

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