Turns Out, Fun Is Essential to Writing

I don’t normally reblog posts but I was so impressed with this article by Sharon Rawlette that I had to. As a recovering Philosopher it sums up much of my own approach to writing creatively. Thanks Sharon.

Sharon Hewitt Rawlette

Philosophy JournalWhether you’re an aspiring or accomplished writer, you’ve likely had moments (or years at a time) when you’ve worried that you just didn’t have what it takes. I certainly have. I’m a very methodical and analytic person, and for a long time, I thought that these personality traits might prevent me from ever producing a compelling piece of creative writing. For a while, I was a professor of philosophy–a pretty good gig and in many ways well suited to my personality–but even as I enjoyed the steady income and impressive healthcare benefits, I worried that the analytical skills I was honing in my academic career were working against me in my literary endeavors. After all, the skills needed to write a successful academic paper are not the same as those needed to write a great memoir. Can you even imagine how terrible a memoir would be written in academic prose? “In this memoir, I will describe the four childhood events…

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