A Letter to Humans from an Alien Visitor


3 thoughts on “A Letter to Humans from an Alien Visitor

  1. nicely done! I actually tried to count up all the peeps killed in the last century either thru war or enforced famine (Stalin and Mao-Tse whoosie-whatsit were big on that.) 100’s of millions. Which, if they hadn’t been knocked off, would have been busy procreating. And then, instead of 2500 Tigers in the wild and 7 billion peeps, we’d be at something like 2 tigers in the wild and 10 billion peeps.

  2. Reblogged this on livingcolorartsstudio and commented:

    So true, we are seemingly undeterred from the repetition, the obvious madness in our species, that thousands of years of doing the same thing –killing & wars– never solved the problem, rather it creates retaliation… All the wasted lives of the people who believed in a cause were pawns duped into believing their ever was a reasonable war. but powers at play will use any excuse to consolidate their vast resources into weapons of mass destruction until killing of each other is done with abandon. To what end? To build again to do what? Destroy it over and again.

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