Winchester Writers Festival 2014

I’m writing this sitting in Costa, at Southampton Airport, having tea. I’m exhausted but I had a great time at the Winchester Writers festival. It exceeded my expectations. I attended workshops with Jasper Fforde and Calum Kerr. I met with agents and publishers, two of whom asked to read my full manuscript. And I wrote four new stories.

Everyone was so nice. Writers are a pleasant bunch.

Here are just a few things I learned at the Festival.

1. If you want a traditional publishing deal with a UK publisher you need to write a novel. 50k+ words. Simple. But self publishing is banging on the door louder and louder…

2. Book publishing is an industry. The creative process is secondary.

3. Choose your agent carefully, only visit people who you think will get your work. Do your research.

4. Be professional.

5. Proofread your submission.

6. Get a business card to give to promote yourself at conferences.

7. Winchester is a beautiful city. See photos below.

These are just a few initial thoughts after the festival. There’ll be more to come once a get home.




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