5 Great Websites for New Writers


5 Great Websites for New Writers
(In no particular order)

This is an Irish website dedicated to the short story. It includes news, reviews and monthly lists of submission opportunities in Ireland. Very useful and updated regularly.

As its name suggests this website is a review of reviews/journals/ magazines and more. It has a global reach and includes news, opinion, classifieds, competition opportunities. Excellent one stop shop for new writers.

Another Irish website that promotes all forms of writing by Irish and international writers. It’s a great resource for writers with tips and opportunities. Well worth a visit. I go there most days.

Recently came across this site and really like what they do. They offer prompts and free competition submissions for short stories. They also have interesting interviews with writers.

If you write or like to read Flash Fiction then this is the site for you, they take submissions of 300 word stories, they publish a magazine, offer reviews and interviews, all on a very sharp looking website. This is how Flash should be done. On this site you feel that Flash Fiction has come of age.

Hope you find them useful.

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