Winchester Writers’ Festival 2014


In a few weeks I plan to attend the Winchester Writers Festival 2014. I was kindly funded by my local County Council here in Carlow to travel to the UK. Thanks to them.

It will be my first time attending a festival of this type, although I did go to Listowel Writer’s Week last year and had a great experience.
There is an interesting line-up of speakers and workshops, the big name is Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat.


There’s lot of other people, (agents and authors), who I’m not hugely familiar with, as I’m not very connected with UK writing scene. The only names I’ve heard before are Paul Kerr (Flash Fiction) and Julia Churchill (Agent).

I’d be very interested in hearing from anyone who has attended the Winchester Festival before.
What should I be expecting from this festival?
What are the do’s and don’t’s?
What are the highlights of a festival like this?
What is Winchester like?

These are just a few things I can think of, any other thoughts are welcome.

I’ll post a review of the Festival once I’ve returned.

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