The Counselor


I don’t often review, but just saw this excellent film on DVD and it doesn’t deserve the negative criticism it has received. Great cast, direction, and script. McCarthy has written a superior type of film script. Maybe this is why the film industry didn’t like it, it raised the bar too high.

Like Bladerunner, this will be regarded as one of Ridley Scott’s best films in twenty years. Like Bladerunner it is ahead of its time. The Counselor is one of Scott’s most restrained films and looks great.

I won’t bore you with plot summary. Enough to say that this film rises above the current trash we see in cinema now. It’s intelligent and thought provoking. It raises questions about choices, fate, global capitalism, greed, sex, power, and the decline of western civilisation, the issues of the 21st century. There is no easy redemption, no happy endings, no hero, just like life. It reminded me of reading a great novella. Or watching Shakespeare. It’s full of more than action and plot. It has ideas too. And humour.

Watch it if you’re not afraid of individual thought, avoid if you just like to munch popcorn and switch your brain off.

4 thoughts on “The Counselor

  1. Totally agree. This is a great film and one of Ridley’s best. Only a few critics avoided following the film-illiterate herd on this one.

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