Out Now. Fallout: Short Stories by J.O’Brien

Exciting news.

My first collection of short stories is now available on the Amazon Kindle store. See link below.


A boy who tries to derail a train.
A superman who cannot fly.
A husband attacked by a vacuum cleaner.
A childish game cut short by nuclear disaster…

In this twenty story collection I experiment with memories and dreams that radiate out of the unconscious—childhood, family, faith, death, love—small moments contaminated with the universal.

These stories are for those who like the philosophical mixed with a shot of strange humour.

This is my first attempt at independent publishing. I would greatly appreciate your comments on the stories and if you could share the link.



4 thoughts on “Out Now. Fallout: Short Stories by J.O’Brien

  1. Congratulations Jonathan looking forward to reading them; is there any other format I can buy Fallout on as I don’t have Kindle?



    Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

    1. Thanks Joe.
      It’s only available on Kindle at the moment. You could download a free Kindle app to your smartphone or laptop where you can read books that you download from the Kindle store. Hope that helps.
      How’s your own writing going? Any news?

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