Mycenaean Fresco

Mycenean Fresco

This new sketch is based on a fresco from Mycenae. They ruled the Aegean Sea from 1400 BC until 1100 BC. Their is a deceptive simplicity to ancient art that I find very appealing.

Who was this woman? Why is she smiling?


9 thoughts on “Mycenaean Fresco

  1. Idk who she was but there are paintings of “this” woman during 13th century BCE.
    Normally there isn’t an arch depicting a smile but just enough to see her lips.
    I’m not sure why she’s smiling, one picture she looks like royalty – maybe her status is why.

      1. I’m not a student of Mycenaean history but I’m getting one of my BAs in History, not my concentration but I remember. I’ve seen this woman in a lecture when we were speaking about the Mycenaeans.

      2. I found your blog by searching for History as a topic via my WordPress app & it looked interesting.

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