Trusting your voice

I was thinking today about the extra element that transforms mere words into literature and it struck me that it might be trust.
Excluding the delusional and immature who write convinced of their own genius regardless of its quality, a writer must always trust in their voice and in what they have to say. Otherwise the whole enterprise of writing fails.
This trust is then intuited by the reader as a level of confidence that convinces them they are in safe hands, that the writer knows what they are doing and is going to give them a satisfying experience.
In this sense a writer shares a lot of similarities with a wire walker. Both are engaged in an act of trust, a belief that once they step out on to the high wire they have the confidence to make it to the other side, even if they might panic a bit in the middle, trust gets them to the other side.
The alternative is a bloody mess on the pavement.
Just some thoughts.
Comments welcome.

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