Once upon a time…

Dear Readers,

This is my blog, a place where I will occasionally publish my thoughts and writing.

I am a writer of short fiction. I am particularly keen on the novella as a form because they are the books I have enjoyed reading the most.

I also write short stories. I am a member of Carlow Writer’s Co-Operative. Visit us at www.carlowwriters.org  I am currently on the second draft of my first novella: The Road Not Taken, a story about a troubled teen who takes a dark path with unexpected consequences for him and others around him.

I have a simple view on writing, it should be a good story, well told. That is all that matters.

I also have a tumblr page http://www.writerjobrien.tumblr.com

You can follow me on twitter at @writerjobrien

Bye for now.


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